Whenever people ask me about my job title and what I do for a living, I always struggle to answer. Am I a programmer, web developer, software engineer, solution architect, technical lead, or technical director? I’ve held each of these titles during my career, and I’m still not sure which one fits me best.

However, what I do know is that I leverage my 20 years of experience and excellent intuition to solve problems. So, please take a look at my work and see the actual problems I have solved.

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Unlocking Tribal Knowledge in the Business Campfire

Transforming Knowledge into Power: Why Sharing is Crucial in Business 🌟 In every organization, there is that one person who seems to have all the answers. Colleagues flock to them with issues, relying on their expertise to resolve challenges. While having such knowledgeable individuals can seem like a boon, it begs the question: is this reliance a strength or a potential risk for the company? The Double-Edged Sword of Expertise Experts within a company are invaluable, but dependence on them can inadvertently create bottlenecks and knowledge silos.

Effective Communication with Clients

Speaking to clients, knowing what to say, is not always easy. But it’s not always that simple. People learn how to talk to clients after working with serious ones. It’s like learning to swim in the deep end–you might know the moves, but it feels different when the water’s over your head. We’ll share tips on what not to say in front of clients. It’s all about making sure they trust you to handle the big stuff, without getting bogged down in words that might worry them or make things seem more complicated than they are.

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Enhancing Security During Client Visits - Best Practices

Working with multiple clients across various settings has taught me the importance of robust security practices—and provided a few humorous yet educational moments when these rules were overlooked! Here’s how you can keep your reputation and data safe and avoid common pitfalls when working offsite: 🔒 Always Log Out: Ensure to log out from all devices when stepping away, even for brief moments. This simple action can protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or awful jokes from security guys 😂

Shifting to a cloud-native architecture

Shifting to a cloud-native architecture 🌐 is not just a trend—it’s a strategic move that can propel your applications to new heights in terms of flexibility, scalability, and performance. Today, we’re diving deep into the when, why, and how of making this crucial transition, with an eye on navigating the choices between cloud-native and traditional setups 🚀. Let’s also tackle a common concern: the risk of vendor lock-in, and explore “safe” strategies to mitigate this issue.

20+ incredible years of diving, head-first, into the ever-changing world of tech

🎈🎉 Big day today! 🎉🎈Not only am I a year wiser, but I’m also celebrating over 20+ incredible years of diving, head-first, into the ever-changing world of tech. It’s been an absolute rollercoaster, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! My journey kicked off when ‘barebone servers’ were the cool kids on the block. Picture this: me, up to my elbows in hardware, setting up computers & servers from scratch.

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GPT vs Gemini

As someone constantly exploring the forefront of technology, I’ve had opportunity to work closely with both solutions, diving deep into their capabilities by asking similar questions and observing the intriguingly different outcomes they offer. Gemini stands out for its speed and agility, providing quick and concise responses that are perfect for fast-paced environments. Its lightweight approach to answering queries is a breath of fresh air, making it an attractive option for those in need of swift insights.

Micromanagement The Silent Productivity Killer

I’ve learned a lot about teamwork and productivity throughout my career. One key lesson that stands out is the danger of micromanagement. Let me share some observations from my experience: Micromanagement: The Silent Productivity Killer In any team, we all want to achieve our best. But sometimes, our well-intentioned desire to help can actually get in the way. Micromanagement – constantly overseeing and directing every detail of another person’s work – can seriously drain productivity.

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Consultants Are Like Avocados

Do you think consultants are useless? Think again! 🙌 My latest article is a Friday-perfect, lighthearted counterpoint to Steve Jobs’ grumbles about consultants. Get ready to change your mind! Steve Jobs on Consultants? Hold My Latte All right, let’s be honest. We all love Steve Jobs - the vision, the turtleneck, the whole deal. But when it came to consultants, the guy could be…well, a little harsh. He famously tossed shade, saying stuff like consultants don’t own solutions, and their expertise is all theoretical book-smarts.

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Talking about AI and ML at Onet

I’m is explaining how Ringier Axel Springer Polska and Onet are innovating with #AI and #MachineLearning - e.g. to ensure the diversity in the media.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

After a decade of working with AWS, I am thrilled to share that I have earned my first professional certificate as a Solution Architect. I am both surprised and humbled by this achievement. 23T0L60C6NE41F3G ( https://aws.amazon.com/verification )