Effective Communication with Clients

Thu, Apr 18, 2024 2-minute read

Speaking to clients, knowing what to say, is not always easy. But it’s not always that simple. People learn how to talk to clients after working with serious ones. It’s like learning to swim in the deep end–you might know the moves, but it feels different when the water’s over your head. We’ll share tips on what not to say in front of clients. It’s all about making sure they trust you to handle the big stuff, without getting bogged down in words that might worry them or make things seem more complicated than they are.

Keep It Positive and Simple: Watch Your Words: Instead of saying things like “problem,” “limitation,” or “broken,” try to keep things positive. Words like these can make clients nervous. Prioritise fixing and making things better.

Hold Off on Quick Math: Giving quick estimates or doing math on the spot can be risky. You might end up promising something you can’t deliver. If you’re not sure, it’s totally okay to say, “Let me double-check that and I’ll get back to you.” It shows you care about being right.

Skip the Google Talk: Saying “we’ll just Google it” can make it seem like you don’t know your stuff. It’s best to be prepared or to acknowledge when you need to research later.

Easy on the Jargon: Using a lot of technical terms or diving too deep into details can lose people. Not everyone knows the ins and outs like you do. Start with the simple stuff. If they inquire further, delve into the specifics.

Remember, talking to clients is about making them feel secure and understood. You want them to know they’re in expert hands, without making them feel overwhelmed. It’s a skill, sure, but it’s one that anyone can learn with a bit of practice. Let’s make client chats smooth sailing.

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