Whenever people ask me about my job title and what I do for a living, I always struggle to answer. Am I a programmer, web developer, software engineer, solution architect, technical lead, or technical director? I’ve held each of these titles during my career, and I’m still not sure which one fits me best.

However, what I do know is that I leverage my 20 years of experience and excellent intuition to solve problems. So, please take a look at my work and see the actual problems I have solved.

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SSL Certificate

I’ve got this client which is each year asking me to renew their SSl certificate. It’s EV, so it requires a little more paperwork, and a new lady from the office was helping with the process. After three weeks of pushing scans and talking with Indians, we finally got a certificate. I replaced the old one and sent an e-mail that it’s up and running. She asked me to send her a copy - I thought - it was a good point.

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NodeMcu (ESP8266) water level monitor with a voltage sensor

This subject in the theory looks very easy. Just get NodeMcu board, plug sensor from the family of sensors (HY-SRF05, HC-SR04), some kind of voltage sensor and we are good to go. But you can get couple of unexpected issues here. Let’s start from the NodeMcu unit. It’s specific.

Arduino double relay keypad lock

I needed key-less way to open my garage door. Quite often I forgot my remote, so just need something easy to open them without remote. Because I have regular “ring type” opener (click and release to open door) needed something to “click” door for me based on something which I remember (not own – remote / key / etc). Basic idea – keypad + arduino + relay to click the button.

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USB to TTL / Serial MacOS Mojave

Got a bunch of these little f*ckers and couldn’t make them to work with my Mojave fresh installation. Previously they were working, and now they are gone. I wasn’t sure what exactly I’ve got. I just run Serial Detect to identify what model do I own: Then I googled driver for MacOS Mojave. Because original website: CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers likes to file, I made a mirror on my server.

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“Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up. Day by day, and at the end of the day-if you live long enough-like most people, you will get out of life what you deserve.” — Charlie Munger

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“Most people never pick up the phone and call. Most people never ask. And that’s what separates, sometimes, the people that do things from the people that just dream about them. You gotta act and you gotta be willing to fail.” — Steve Jobs

Programmers live

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.” — Phil Karlton

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FLIR ONE for iOS review

While ago I purchased Flir One for iOS. Flier is Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment – basically it extends your iPhone with Thermal vision.

Disable keyboard vibrate on Android 6

It’s not so easy to find. So

  1. Settings
  2. Language & input
  3. Google Keyboard
  4. Preferences
  5. Vibrate on key press

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