Quite often people ask me what I do for living, and I always struggle. Am I a programmer ? Web developer ? Software Engineer ? Software Architect ? Technical Lead ? Technical Director ? – I owned each of these titles among my carrier and still don’t know what is the best one.

I think my best skill is intuition – sometimes I just know what will be the bottleneck in software / setup or just know what is the best solution without testing it first.

Anyways – please check my work to see what actual problems I did solved…

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Just sharing my current view from the office.

Arduino Clock TimeZones and something more

Following with my last project – Arduino clock  – i wanted to extend it with 2 features:

  1. Handling daylight saving time,
  2. Showing up time in different time zone.

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Simplest Arduino Clock With 7-digit segment display

From time to time, I’m also working on less “web” related project. This time, a wanted to play a bit with Arduino platform. The task was pretty simple – to build a clock. Yes – these days, we don’t have enough time measuring devices like mobiles, microwaves, computers – I wanted to build another one.

It was my first Arduino project so the task wasn’t  as easy as I expected. In the theory, we need only pass time & data from RTC to 7-Segment Display. Simple isn’t it? I found plenty of tutorials, had so many small issues like – digits wasn’t displayed correctly (mixed cables). I could only display one digit at the time in given position or – same digits everywhere (multiplexing). I couldn’t find shift register in my stock, so wanted to use whatever I already had.

Facebook APP – photo competition for AMEX

Amex Picture This – Facebook application build for American Express while working for Imagination.

Users could enter their propositions for AMEX Picture This competition – second phase – voting system.


Web Acronyms

Short presentation which I gave couple years ago while working at Imagination Slide available here: Web Acronyms

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Microsite for contact centre technology platform

Website build for one of the biggest technology platform for contact centre.

Facebook alternative

Centenary Quest – Facebook APP

Facebook APP (competition) build in Imagination for CBA.

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Data import to vTiger CRM

Import 4 million records to the CRM system. The project involved the migration of the existing CRM system dedicated to the popular solution called vTiger CRM. The database contains over 4 million transaction, the 200 thousand customer records and information related to service its customer base.

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