Whenever people ask me about my job title and what I do for a living, I always struggle to answer. Am I a programmer, web developer, software engineer, solution architect, technical lead, or technical director? I’ve held each of these titles during my career, and I’m still not sure which one fits me best.

However, what I do know is that I leverage my 20 years of experience and excellent intuition to solve problems. So, please take a look at my work and see the actual problems I have solved.

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Interface Colour Play website

Very nice website for Interface – utility for clients to match tiles based on inspirational images. Build while working in Imagination for Interface.


Just sharing my current view from the office.

Arduino Clock TimeZones and something more

Following with my last project – Arduino clock  – i wanted to extend it with 2 features:

  1. Handling daylight saving time,
  2. Showing up time in different time zone.

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Simplest Arduino Clock With 7-digit segment display

From time to time, I’m also working on less “web” related project. This time, a wanted to play a bit with Arduino platform. The task was pretty simple – to build a clock. Yes – these days, we don’t have enough time measuring devices like mobiles, microwaves, computers – I wanted to build another one.

It was my first Arduino project so the task wasn’t  as easy as I expected. In the theory, we need only pass time & data from RTC to 7-Segment Display. Simple isn’t it? I found plenty of tutorials, had so many small issues like – digits wasn’t displayed correctly (mixed cables). I could only display one digit at the time in given position or – same digits everywhere (multiplexing). I couldn’t find shift register in my stock, so wanted to use whatever I already had.

Facebook APP – photo competition for AMEX

Amex Picture This – Facebook application build for American Express while working for Imagination.

Users could enter their propositions for AMEX Picture This competition – second phase – voting system.


Web Acronyms

Short presentation which I gave couple years ago while working at Imagination Slide available here: Web Acronyms

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Microsite for contact centre technology platform

Website build for one of the biggest technology platform for contact centre.

Facebook alternative

Centenary Quest – Facebook APP

Facebook APP (competition) build in Imagination for CBA.

Office view