Whenever people ask me about my job title and what I do for a living, I always struggle to answer. Am I a programmer, web developer, software engineer, solution architect, technical lead, or technical director? I’ve held each of these titles during my career, and I’m still not sure which one fits me best.

However, what I do know is that I leverage my 20 years of experience and excellent intuition to solve problems. So, please take a look at my work and see the actual problems I have solved.

Centenary Quest – Facebook APP

Facebook APP (competition) build in Imagination for CBA.

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Data import to vTiger CRM

Import 4 million records to the CRM system. The project involved the migration of the existing CRM system dedicated to the popular solution called vTiger CRM. The database contains over 4 million transaction, the 200 thousand customer records and information related to service its customer base.

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